ANA: New Impaired Nurses Resource Center

  1. new impaired nurses resource center

    the impaired nurses resource center is the newest addition to nursingworld, ana's official web site. the resource center offers assistance not only to those nurses who have chemical dependencies, but to those who wonder if they might. it provides ethical guidance for the individual, regarding obligations not only to the patient, but also that one has to one's self, as well. it offers ethical guidelines, also, for co-workers who suspect a colleague of impaired practice.

    links are provided to ana's constituent member associations, many of which offer "peer assistance" or "alternative to discipline" programs in conjunction with the state boards of nursing, to which we also offer links. we have also included some of the exemplary programs offered by nursing specialties, with more to be added. lastly, the new webpage offers dozens of links to resources for impaired nurses, including those organizations specializing in addiction and recovery, emphasizing programs for nurses. visit the resource center
    "hospital compare" web site to offer valuable resources
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  3. by   PANurseRN1
    I would want to see some sort of proof that there's no way people using this site can be tracked an reported to their BONs.

    Because of their association with most tate BONs, I would think this could be a real danger. It's very easy to track an ISP to an individual. Seems like it would be much safer to get this information from another source.