Ascends to 7th Largest Professional Social Network

  1. According to a report from, has moved up one position on the list of top ten largest professional social networks from 2008 to 2009. sees 99% growth in one year

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    Thanks to the Iowa Hospital Association posting this story, I was not even aware that was even in this report

    Here is a breakdown of the list in the report:

    All of you Iowa Nurses, you better start talking in the Iowa forum, you are making us look bad Just kidding.
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  3. by   Brian
    Not that it makes much of any difference, but our actual numbers are far higher according to our 3rd party traffic tools (google analytics). Traffic measuring sites like are more an estimate due to the fact that they don't have access to our actual numbers. But they are still quite valuable at giving a sample of the industry, as all numbers are probably skewed in a similar manner.

    According to our charts, our growth has been 72.53%, still not to shabby Here is a graph comparison from April 2008 and April 2009.

    April 2008: 668,136 Absolute Unique Visitors
    April 2009: 1,152,745 Absolute Unique Visitors

    I would just like to thank all the members of for spreading the word of mouth to their fellow nurses and colleagues. For Nursing Educators and Students for sharing with each other as a valuable tool.

    I've said this before, but I will say it again... our great members and staff are what make such a wonderful community and I thank you all! Keep up the good work!
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  4. by   miketempleton
    Thanks for posting this story on your site. As I mentioned on our blog, I'd love to see more nurses from Iowa getting involved in your discussion area, but maybe we can help that along.

    In regards to traffic, I think you make a good point as well. Website traffic is probably most accurate at the source, but without having that access these websites must find alternative methods for measuring inbound users.

    Regardless of the numbers, I've got to congratulate you on breaking into the top ten list of professional social networks. It really is quite an achievement and a great reason for all members of allnurses to be proud.
  5. by   linda1959
    Congratulations Brian!
  6. by   prmenrs
  7. by   EricJRN
    Not far behind LinkedIn and Plaxo. Pretty impressive!
  8. by   FireStarterRN
    I hope my 'stimulating' threads have helped boost your numbers...
  9. by   Cindy-san
    Awesome! Great job everyone! :heartbeat
  10. by   madwife2002
    This is awesome I am so proud
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Dang but we're good! Of course WE already knew that, but now EVERYBODY knows. WooHoo!!
  12. by   leslie :-D
    a place where half a million motor-mouths get together.

  13. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I think this says something about the nursing profession as well. Look what we can accomplish when we stick together!
  14. by   Grace Oz
    Quote from leslie :-D
    a place where half a million motor-mouths get together.