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  1. by   MadisonsMomRN
    I also wonder how she had such easy access to the narcs...

    I am so sorry for the people that were exposed.
  2. by   glendz58
    So scary......
  3. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    I work in the OR pharmacy. It is inappropraite for a surg. tech to have access to fent. The anesthesiologist/CRNA will be in trouble as well. Our anes. team keeps their narcs locked in a metal box that is attached to their carts. It is negligent to leave a controlled substance (especially a CII like fent.) out for anyone to have access to. Cases like this need to be brought to the attention of those who have responsibility and/or access to narcs. I am surprised at how careless some people can be. Weren't they clued in that the patients needed more narcs or weren't recieving adequate pain control? I feel horrible for the people affected by this. It makes you afraid to go to surgery. You never know what can happen. This is for sure a very uncommon practice, but all it takes is once and your life is changed.
  4. by   VVCN2012
    Wow. Such a sad sad story. I don't believe 10 years is enough.
  5. by   Mana_Tangata
    This story is on the heels of another similar situation at a Hospital in Boulder, CO.

    I live in Boulder and the reaction to the hospital's response has been public outrage. The hospital failed to advise patients that they were at risk for getting/spreading hepatitis, HIV, etc. This was because the nurse/addict initially told the police that he had used clean needles, when in fact he did not. How crazy! Why they would trust this nurse to tell the truth is beyond me.

    That patients were initially exposed is bad enough, but if they spread disease to loved ones based on some lame public relations response by the hospital that is even worse.
  6. by   rph3664
    Quote from Cherybaby
    That's horrible...not just the used needle part which of course is the worst part of this story. Filling those syringes with saline instead of their pain medication is just downright cruel.

    I think this man should be charged with attempted murder...

    What an embarassment to the nursing community. He should be ashamed of himself.
    This nurse is a woman. Edit: Not a nurse. Sorry.

    I wonder how often this is actually the case when someone complains that their pain medication isn't working.
  7. by   bekindtokittens
    Here's a link to another article about this surgical tech and her impact at another surgery center in Colorado Springs.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from Jarnaes
    Just curious how that tech had such easy access to Fentanyl...
    I work in the OR and we keep narcotics under tight control. The anesthesia provider will pull what they need for the case from the Pyxis, and the drugs are kept within their reach/eyesight at all times. Nothing is left out.

    I was just about to say did a tech have such access to a narcartic?
  9. by   blueheaven
    Quote from prison_nurse
    In a statement to police, Parker said, "I can't take back what I did, but I will have to live with it for the rest of my life, and so does everyone else."

    Of course she's sorry after the fact. It's very sad this can happen, but how can an employer prevent this?
    A tech getting fentanyl???? Hmmm we only allow RNs to have anything to do with that drug. We keep tight control of our narcs.

    I wonder if the employer knew she had a drug history?? Just because someone has Hep is no reason to prevent someone from working.

    So does everyone else?????????????????????? What if she is one of those folks who is a non responder to hep chemo and she exposed all these people to the same strain????????

    Sorry, she needs to go up for attempted murder. Granted it make take 20 or 30 years for these folks to get to end stage, but the result is the same!
  10. by   Suns_Up2009
    People like this are making into the hospitals and I'm sitting here waiting for an acceptance letter that may never come. It's sad. I'm sorry for all those patients and agree that they should charge her with attempted murder!!! There is no excuse for being such a lousy person!
  11. by   WoofyMutt80
    Anyone who passes a life threatening disease like Hep C or HIV should be charged with attempted murder, and if the person who they infected dies from that disease, the charges should be upgraded to murder. I was a Tech in a Cath Lab and ONLY the RN's, Pharmacy, and Doctors had access to the narcotics (Fentanyl, Versed, etc) which were locked and ONLY these people had the key! Also with ANY narcotic there is a sign out sheet that is signed off by the RN and the pharmacy, and there are periodic inspections.
  12. by   WoofyMutt80
    Also it sucks that I couldn't find employment in a hospital because 1) I was fresh out of Medical Assisting school, with 2 years healthcare experience and tons of experience and training on clinical (210 phlebotomy draws!) and 2) I had a 3 year gap in employment due to medical reasons, but people like this Surgical Tech can squeeze in and hurt patients, and with my training, experience and compassion for patients I get turned down!
  13. by   nu2id
    I just don't understand how a tech has access to fentanyl. This is awful. What a disgrace to nursing and the hospital. Rose Med Center was considered the elite of hospitals when I was in Denver 9 years ago. So sad that people become so self centered that they can't think of consequences. It seems as though the med center is negligent in not having proper procedure in place so a tech would not be capable of acquiring this med. It will definitely be interesting on how this all turns out.