Act Now to Fund the Nurse Reinvestment Act!

  1. [font=arial, helvetica]act now to fund the nurse reinvestment act!

    committees in both the u.s. house of representatives and senate are poised to consider legislation that sets funding for the nursing workforce development programs administered by the health resources and services administration (hrsa), including the programs of the nurse reinvestment act.

    ana needs your help to secure a $63 million increase for these programs. this increase would help to improve funding for the loan repayment program, scholarships, faculty development, workplace improvements, and many more important programs.

    please don't delay! the house and senate are expected to act on this bill by july 16, 2004. it is important that you call or email your senators and representative today.

    what you can do:
    contact your representatives and senators today--you can reach them by phone using the u.s capitol switchboard at 202/224-3121 or by emailing them directly through the ana government affairs website ( to get more information on nurse education funding and access and e-mail sample letters on the issue, go here.
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