Abusive behavior by physicians linked to nursing shortage, studies show - page 4

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    Quote from lindarn
    It is Group One. They are on the Internet. When you apply for a job in Texas, you have to sign a release, that they call a "consumer check". It is really a release to see if yohave been reported by an employer. Hospitals are loooking for nurses who were fired, for ANY REASON, union activism, troublemaker, etc. From what I have read on this listserve, nurses have been reported as retaliation, and they cannot get a job anywhere in Texas. It is relly scary. Just look through the threads on this listserve, and you will hear plenty, about nurses who have had their lives ruined because of Group One.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
    Would this exclude a person from being covered under the whistle-blowers act with OSCHA? Though hospitals do have a way of making stuff look good on paper,unless you keep very good records.
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    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Jailhouse RN, you got it backwards. The researchers are saying that the bad behavior of physicians is one of the causes of the nursing "shortage."
    Thanx for your input for me. I appreciate it but this "white coat" had his own office here in Brandon. He lost alot of clients that day and they walked out with me , I guess they though " if hes that way with his emplotees, just think how his thinking is of me" kinda thing. This was a chiropractic office.:angryfire
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    Regarding the M.D. who assaulted the nurse with a scalpel....There was a similar incidence that happened when I was working a telemetry unit, the patient had taken his tele box off and went smoking,his nurse was at lunch but the monitor tech informed the charge nurse. The M.D. for the patient came up to make rounds and found the box in the room and the patient gone instead of asking what is going on he decided to call the nurse on her spectralink and when she came to the room threw the tele box at her,which landed in her face. Administration was called and the mix up resolved, but she called the police and pressed charges and he was led out in cuffs. The idiot didnt even deny it, he act as if yes I did it but it was a mixup. The hospital suspended her for not going through the proper disciplinary channels. She sued the M.D. and the Hospital and had the info sealed by State Board, so that hey could not use that against her.
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    Hey there everyone,
    I'm just a student but I am a medical assistant right now and a lot of us want to quit because of the abuse and disrespect that some of the docters show. They act like we aren't educated at all and they have some kind of superior status over us when a lot of the time we know more about their patients then they do!!