Abused women have higher health care costs...

  1. from mother jones: http://www.motherjones.com/mojoblog/..._women_ha.html

    abused women have higher health care costs and more health care visits

    a new study shows that women who experience spouse or partner abuse have much higher health care costs and utilize more health care services than women who have no history of such violence. years after abuse stops, these women continue to use the health care system more and to incur higher costs.

    from: http://health.msn.com/womenshealth/a...&wa=wsignin1.0

    the study found that:
    • women with a history of ipv had 19 percent higher annual ($439 a year) total health care costs than women with no history of ipv.
    • compared to other women, those who reported ipv had 17 percent more primary care visits, 14 percent more specialist visits, and 27 percent more prescription refills. women who reported current or past ipv were also more likely to use services in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, hospital outpatient care, emergency department care, and acute inpatient care.
    • health care use was still 20 percent higher five years after women's abuse stopped, compared to women with no history of ipv.
    • excess costs to the health plan due to ipv are approximately $19.3 million per year for every 100,000 women enrollees ages 18 to 64. that estimate is based on previous research that estimated a 44 percent rate of ipv among the women.
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