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Cute article about an 81 year old nurse...probably runs circles around the others haha. Im gonna be retired on a beach with a pina colada at that age!... Read More

  1. by   looking for work
    Be competent and able to do your job at any age, and there is no problem . There are plenty of nurses who want work, but cant find it. If you cant do the job, or wont, its time to go.
  2. by   PacoUSA

    "Kudos" if you're over this already ...
  3. by   looking for work
    To the nursing student who posted a reply:

    When you graduate and find no work , but see how old and inept some of the nurses are everywhere you look, come back and post on here how frustrating it is to graduate with loans, and find a closed door at every job because NO ONE is retiring. WHen you write out your check to your student loan carrier knowing full well, you were the victim of a propoganda scheme to create a nursing surplus, come back and comment here how happy you are that 81 year old nurses are still working. When you have to choose between heating your home or paying your student loan, come back here and post how great you feel. When you send out 50 resumes and get no responses, come back here and say how great it is that 70 year old nurses are working full time on light duty, and cant be replaced because of age discrimination. I once worked with a 73 year old nurse who was legally blind and couldnt read the MAR. She was lawyered up and NONE could get rid of her. Can you read an MAR?
  4. by   tewdles
    Okay...so be angry with the person who lied to you about the "nursing shortage" and convinced you to go to nursing school.

    Do not be angry with the old nurse who continues to work.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Quote from looking for work
    You must have misunderstood my post. I wasnt talking about you, I was talking about an aged c0-worker who was entirely too debilitated to perform her job duties at 70 plus, but was continuing to work on light duty, and increasing the workload of everyone else. SHe was basically just answering phones while others took on her nursing tasks
    I think we work with the same person!!!
  6. by   Fiona59
    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    That said, I do think that the older folks should be given some consideration and that some of the more physical tasks be delegated to younger workers.
    Nope, if you can't pull your patient assignment be you, 30 or 76, it's time to leave the unit.

    I've had male co-workers tell me they are tired of getting constantly asked to lift and transfer patients because the female nurse is on an accomodation or elderly and considered too frail to do the heavy stuff. Pregnant women they don't mind lifting for but when they know someone is collecting CPP and their nurses pension and a wage they are much more reluctant to do "her" heavy stuff.
  7. by   looking for work
    Quote from tewdles
    Okay...so be angry with the person who lied to you about the "nursing shortage" and convinced you to go to nursing school.

    Do not be angry with the old nurse who continues to work.
    No anger with the old nurse who continues to work. Rather disappointment with any nurse who malingers on light duty, increases workload of others, does not pull her/his own weight, but refuses to throw in the towel because direct deposit hits every 2 weeks. Its obvious who is in it purely for the money.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Don't knock it. Our 76yo wundernurse picks up OT (we have strange contracts up here). Her rate? $101/hr.
  9. by   looking for work
    My guess if she picks up OT, she is not on light duty?
  10. by   Fiona59
    Our contracts permit anyone to pick up OT. They want a warm body with a practice permit on the floor.
  11. by   looking for work
    Well if you can work, then do, but if you cant, time to go
  12. by   Myra Brosius
    We are all suffering in this economy. Do not blame the older nurses for your situation. There are many older people who have been laid off in many positions who are not able to compete with the young graduates-- everyone is suffering. Let's not attack one age group over the other.
  13. by   amygarside
    can the nurse still perform her duties well??