800 Minnesota Nurses & Students Expected for Day on the Hill

  1. - Will Inform Legislators About Budget Issues, Assisted Living, Nursing Shortage, Regional Treatment Centers and HCMC Governance Change

    ST. PAUL, Minn., March 3/ -- State legislators will be assured of a back-up health plan en-force on Thursday March 3, as more than 800 Registered Nurses and nursing students converge on the Capitol for their annual Day on the Hill.

    Members of the Minnesota Nurses Association and 17 other schools of nursing and specialty organizations plan to offer their advice to help ensure a strong health care policy.

    "As one of society's most trusted professions, nurse voices are important as the debate emerges on how to address critical issues while balancing the budget," said MNA Governmental Affairs Commissioner Robin Miller.

    Five key priorities have been identified by nurses, as they meld political advocacy into their nursing skills. The group opposes health care cuts and urges a balanced approach to the budget; seeks to assure appropriate nursing care in Assisted Living facilities; continues to offer solutions to prevent a looming nursing shortage; champions thoughtful approaches to closing the State's Regional Treatment Centers and the proposed governance change at Hennepin County Medical Center.

    Celebrating a 100 Year Legacy of Caring, 1905 - 2005. With more than 17,400 members, MNA is the leading organization for registered nurses in the Midwest and is among the oldest and largest representatives of RNs for collective bargaining in the nation. Established in 1905, MNA is a multi- purpose organization that fosters high standards for nursing education and practice, and works to advance the profession through legislative activity. MNA is a constituent member of the American Nurses Association and its labor arm, the United American Nurses.

    Source: Minnesota Nurses Association
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