3 Injured in Creighton University Medical Center Shooting

  1. Update: Three Injured In CUMC Shooting

    Omaha police are investigating a shooting inside Creighton University Medical Center. Law enforcement officials confirm the suspect was involved in a manhunt earlier Wednesday.

    A person outside the hospital told a Channel 6 News Crew they were told to leave the hospital because there had been a shooting. Contrary to initial reports, Omaha Police tell us the shooting was not in the cafeteria.

    A witness tells Channel 6 News two female officers asked him where the pay phone was. He then heard several shots fired.

    "I just stood next to the concrete wall because you never know where the bullets are flying," said Jeff Mumm.
    Two officers suffered minor injuries. Police say the suspect was hit three times and is in critical condition.
    Law enforcement sources tell Channel 6 News that the person shot is the same individual that Ralston officers had been searching for Wednesday morning. Omaha Police are not confirming that, but tell us at this time, there is no suspect at large.

    The morning incident stemmed from a domestic dispute in Burt County. Officers say the suspect beat his wife and fled to her parents home. Officers tried to pull the man over but he managed to slip away after crashing his vehicle at 72nd and Q Street.

    Creighton's Emergency Room is now open to patients.

    How awful for everyone involved...
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  3. by   gardengal1
    Where does a gunman have greater access to the most victims than in an ER. Security in hospitals is far behind airports, schools and courthouses. Maybe it is time hospitals moved into the 21st century! This is our reality.
  4. by   cherryames1949
    We will see these incidents rise until better security measures are instituted in our medical facilities. Violent incidences i.e. the Johns Hopkins shooting of a physician, violence visited upon nurses by patients, have been in our current threads. Until administration is willing to spend the money, to make the changes that will increase the safety of the staff, the patients and the visitors, the violence will continue. :redlight:
  5. by   merlee
    There was better security at the hospital in Aruba then in most hospitals here in the US!!
  6. by   shiccy
    Quote from merlee
    There was better security at the hospital in Aruba then in most hospitals here in the US!!
    Heck there's been armed military at nearly every other country airport since I can remember, but we struggled to have cops at times in the US. It's the proof in the pudding that something terrible has to happen before things happen. In my home town none of the playgrounds had fences around the entire playground ... until a kid (who, honestly, sounded like he was either a bit MRDD or was just unrulely after the entire circumstance came around) was killed by a semi at recess. The playground was 50 - 100 yards away, yet once that week already the monitors for the playground had to physically remove him from a telephone pole he was climbing, and then he obviously slipped away. Now every playground in the school district has fences.

    Hospitals will be like everything else. I'm sure that the MD that was injured at John Hopkins will raise enough stink to get metal detectors and personnel involved. Ditto for the above story. It's sad, but true.