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  1. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Through the aforementioned post, you've confirmed my sneaking suspicion that many dialysis patients may possibly be treated in a substandard manner due to who they are in society.
    big, fat ditto on that one, for sure.

    and now i see where you're coming from...
    you're referring to the individuals (nurses, techs) who are judging...
    whereas i'm talking from the corporate perspective.

    sadly, i think we're both right.

  2. by   rph3664
    Quote from hawkfdc
    I can't help but think of one of my renal patients, let's call him Rufus. My tax dollars pay for this piece of crap to have dialysis available to him 3x per week AND HE IS A CRACK ADDICT!!! And people with legitimate illness who take pretty good care of themselves over the years gets run through the ringer....I simply don't understand.

    On a nursing humor note, Rufus asked another nurse and me one day where he could find a good woman, my coworker looked him straight in the eye and said stay out of the crack house, away from the crack ho's and you might just find you a good woman.
    And I suppose this was how he destroyed his kidneys in the first place?

    I did rotations in an organ transplant unit, and one of the people I studied was a kidney transplant patient who had gone into renal failure due to meth abuse. The rule for transplanting addicts at that facility was that they had to be clean before they became terminally ill, and this was the case for her. I do not know how she did later on.
  3. by   deluded
    Quote from thecommuter
    through the aforementioned post, you've confirmed my sneaking suspicion that many dialysis patients may possibly be treated in a substandard manner due to who they are in society.
    i see the judgment as one drawn from the pt's lack of self responsibility, rather than one based on their social status. poverty does not demand poor choices or ongoing self abuse; yet the rest of society must medically maintain these individuals at great expense. when you see it day in and day out it is hard not to be moved by it. the bleeding hearts may say these people are the way they are because society failed them... news flash: these people have failed society. there are many pts from these same pathetic socioeconomic backgrounds who are the salt of the earth; the most caring and loving people you will ever meet. you can be certain that they are not lumped in with the crack addict because of who they are in society.

    we spend over 15% of our nation's gross domestic product on health care and that figure is well on its way to 25% in the next few short years. at the brink of bankruptcy we simply cannot afford to subsidize self destructive citizens any longer (never mind that in california you are entitled to dialysis at the taxpayer's expense regardless of citizenship). the resulting mediocrity of health care unfortunately means those who have contributed or will be productive individuals after treatment are given substandard care.

    sorry to vent, but this is a common issue within the cvicu and i'm sure in every other health care department, as well. i am empathetic and compassionate with all my patients, but the path that leads many of them to our care frustrates me, and it angers me that those whose fate was no fault of their own receive a lower quality of care due to all the money spent on the ones who seem to single mindedly pursue a lifestyle that ravages their bodies and minds. where has self responsibility gone!!!!
  4. by   NDXUFan
    You think, I am on Nocturnal, these people need to be ashamed.
  5. by   NDXUFan
    The First problem and issue with your post, is that you are making a judgement and the Cleveland Clinic does not know what causes diabetes, nor do the Nephrology departments at the University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, or the Mayo Clinic. Second, many Nephrologists believe that Statins might be causing kidney failure and the absolute risk of an individual to have a heart attack, regardless of health condition, yes, even diabetes or dialysis, is 0.2 percent absolute risk. Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Professor of Nephrology and Professor of Clinical Chemistry:
    "As mentioned above, statin drugs have caused serious kidney failure and death in perfectly healthy patients, amnesia, widespread nerve and muscle damage, and recently have been implicated in the development of statin related ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease) and Parkinson’s disease."

    Jerome Kassirer-Former Head Editor of the New England of Medicine, Distinguished Professor of Nephrology: "Statins are of little benefit to the vast majority of the population." If you are curious, my primary care had Dr. Kassirer in Medical School, said he was "Smart as He!!."

    In addition, the human system or body is not made to get rid of 48 hours of fluid in 4 hours. The lack of common sense in this system, truly blows me away. If Nocturnal dialysis was being given, 6 hours per day, 6 days per week, these issues would go away. YET, the patient is blamed, first and foremost. We would not want to be blamed for not washing our hands after taking out the trash, would we?

    How many of you would have your family member receive this type of care, zero??? I filed one complaint with Davita over five years about the FA screaming at me like an idiot, because I could not afford to pay $4.05 per gallon to drive to receive fistula training, five days per week, driving an hour and a half, 5 days per week. As you can imagine, the complaint was ignored by the Davita social worker. What about patients being discharged for complaining about staff ignoring infection control??? Do you think that is a moral policy, yes, no? In fact, 90% of patients are being discharged for issues in relation to care. Planet Earth to FA!!!!

    Would you tolerate this style of care for yourselves or a loved one???? Honestly, if you say "Yes" I think you are full of bull. My RN mom and my RN sister would never, ever tolerate this type of care, not in a million years, if you are lucky.

    Some on this board think I am loud, guess what, the majority of you would be loud, if you were receiving this level of substandard care. Our nation gets annoyed and upset when human beings of other nations are treated as a subhuman. Yet, where are these same standards in dialysis????
  6. by   NDXUFan
    Look in the mirror to the way you treat dialysis patients.
  7. by   NDXUFan
    As a former police officer, most women in this day and age, seem to be interested in drunks, bums, and fools. Yes, I have been to many church dances and it is the same type of nonsense and stupidity. My RN mom was a great woman and I have known many great women from the past, but in this day and age, they only seem to be interested in losers.
  8. by   NDXUFan
    "Do as I say, not as I do."
  9. by   NDXUFan
    I am also a four year college graduate and I worked while I was at the University. Worked with physically and mentally challenged individuals, think autism. I have never had any substance abuse issues in my life. In fact, I have more education than most people in dialysis. Yet, I have been treated like a child in the past, can you explain that type of behavior on the part of the dialysis staff?
  10. by   NDXUFan
    The cause of diabetes is unknown- Cleveland Clinic.
  11. by   NDXUFan
    We spend more on education than most countries on this earth. In fact, we spend more on education than we do on defense(New York Times Almanac).
  12. by   NDXUFan
    I am a college grad and I was still treated like a child.
  13. by   NDXUFan
    If you think it is so sad that dialysis patients are treated like this, why is the Nursing profession not doing something about this situation?