"Dusting"..Killing our kids!!!!

  1. [font=comic sans ms,sans-serif]"dusting" death: kids inhaling dust off

    this is on the snopes site as a true story.
    urban legends reference pages: toxins (dusted off)
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    [font=comic sans ms,sans-serif]first i'm going to tell you a little about me and my family. my name is jeff. i am a police officer for a city which is known nationwide for its crime rate. we have a lot of gangs and drugs. at one point we were # 2 in the nation in homicides per capita. i also have a police k-9 named thor. he was certified in drugs and general duty. he retired at 3 years old because he was shot in the line of duty. he lives with us now and i still train with him because he likes it. i always liked the fact that there was no way to bring drugs into my house. thor wouldn't allow it. he would tell on you. the reason i say this is so you understand that i know about drugs. i have taught in schools about drugs. my wife asks all our kids at least once a week if they used any drugs. makes them promise they won't.

    [font=comic sans ms,sans-serif]i like building computers occasionally and started building a new one in february 2005. i also was working on some of my older computers. they were full of dust so on one of my trips to the computer store i bought a 3 pack of dust off. dust off is a can of compressed air to blow dust off a computer...
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    [font=horn condensed]there is no time of the year to bring up bad news..especially around the holidays, but for those of you that have never heard of 'dusting' and have kids between 9-16years old, this is a must read article. for those of you that know all about this topic, you don't have to read it. but if you know of friends and families that have kids in this age range and don't know about "dusting", tell them,..you my be doing them a great favor!
    [font=horn condensed]i especially found this article very interesting and scary because,..my son's name is kyle and he is 14 years old,and will be 15 may 2nd next year...it gave me a chill!
    i felt that this was important to forward to anyone who have children or have nephews, nieces or friends who have children... i also looked it up on snopes.com here's the link regarding this email
    'dusting' .... police officer's story....

    ....i found out that using dust off is being done mostly by kids ages 9 through 15. they even have a name for it. it's called "dusting". a take off from the dust off name. it gives them a slight high for about 10 seconds. it makes them dizzy. a boy who lives down the street from us showed kyle how to do this about a month before. kyle showed his best friend. told him it was cool and it couldn't hurt you. it's just compressed air. it can't hurt you. his best friend said so....

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    Dust-off is not "just compressed air".

    It's actually compressed gas, with difluoroethane (Dymel 152a propellant) or tetrafluoroethane used as propellants.
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    Quote from lpnadmin
    Dust-off is not "just compressed air".

    It's actually compressed gas, with difluoroethane (Dymel 152a propellant) or tetrafluoroethane used as propellants.
    You are absolutely correct!!! What you were reading is what the "Father was saying," not me!!!. If you read the article, you'll understand. When the ADM. edited this post they, well lets say, they didn't edit enough ...just read the article....it really is educational.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding...
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    Link must be broken; it did not work.
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    Couldn't get to the site either.
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    Here are a couple:

    New Drug Killing Our Kids email from the link above

    'Dusting' is the new killer high for teens - Today - MSNBC.com '05 report from MSNBC about Dusting
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    nida - research report series - inhalant abuse

    although many parents are appropriately concerned about illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and lsd, they often ignore the dangers posed to their children from common household products that contain volatile solvents or aerosols. products such as glues, nail polish remover, lighter fluid, spray paints, deodorant and hair sprays, whipped cream canisters, and cleaning fluids are widely available. many young people inhale the vapors from these sources in search of quick intoxication without being aware of the serious health consequences that can result.

    national surveys indicate that more than 22.9 million americans have abused inhalants at least once in their lives. nida's monitoring the future study reveals that 17.3 percent of eighth-graders have abused inhalants. parents and children need to know that experimentation with these substances should not be taken lightly. even a single session of repeated inhalant abuse can disrupt heart rhythms and cause death from cardiac arrest or lower oxygen levels enough to cause suffocation. regular abuse of these substances can result in serious harm to vital organs including the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver.

    four girls died in my county 2 years ago from such abuse-- as using while in a car = fatal accident.
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    here is the site where you can find the article .