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Nursing in Netherlands!

by danxx danxx (New) New


The reason I'm writing is that I'd like to get some information about nursing in Netherlands!

I was in Netherlands last month and I gain a lots of good experience about the country!

I like this place, I could live there for a while!

I have a Bsc degree in nursing from a hungarian university (parts of EEA, so my diploma live up to the EEA standards) and I'm going to obtain my Msc within a year. I have a paramedic diploma too.

I've been woriking in the critical/acute care since 2012. (hospital and prehospital too)

I found some information about the nursing system in Netherlands (which seems extremly good), but I cannot find any information about opportunities.

Is there a shortage in nursing?

Are there many foreign trained nurse in the country?

What are my chanes to get a position in critical/acute care with my qualifications and experience?

I can't speak any dutch but I'd learn it becasue I know that this is a basic criteria if I want to work and live another country.

Hi there, did you find anything in your search?