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Nursing licensure with a history of addiction

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Has anyone been through the Declaratory Order process with a history of addiction? I read the posts under "Licensure with a criminal history" but I have no offenses of any kind on my record. I am starting the third semester in nursing school. I just received a letter from the Texas BON that my file was transferred to their enforcement dept. (I already sent them the 150.00 fee). My reason for obtaining the DE is that I have received treatment in the past five years for an addiction to pain killers. Although the last time I have taken any pain killers was more like 10 years ago, I still go to my Addiction specialist doctor, who wrote a letter of recommendation to the board. The wording is also tricky, in that I consider myself to "always" be in treatment for the addiction...and will be for the rest of my life. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar story and could share their experience about licensure, dealing with the board, and time frames involved. Oh, and any additional hoops I may have to jump through. Thanks for your time!

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You might want to check the "Nurses Recovery" forum. I think you'll find more of the information you need there than in the criminal history forum.