Two DUIs first time Ohio licensure- sober several years

  1. I will be applying for the NCLEX very soon- I am a recovering alcoholic with 3 1/2 years of sobriety.
    unfortunately I have two DUIs that will follow me for the rest of my life. The last one was 5 years ago.

    I am in the state of Ohio, the DUIs were also in this state.

    Do I need to do anything special when applying to take the NCLEX? Will they deny me?

    if anyone has any feedback or similar experience it would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Persephone Paige
    I don't have a lot of input on Ohio, I'm discovering it's very different from State to State. Florida seems to be pretty accepting.. I recently had a guy in my group who got two years in IPN and then out and one with his life. He was going to school for his BSN, working, doing IPN. I pray everything works in your favor.
  4. by   Lhalty
    when was your first one