Negligent Driving in the first degree in WA state, wanting 2 apply 4 RN school in SD?

  1. Okay so here is the situation, I am done with all the pre-requisites and I moved to San Diego the beginning of this year of 2011. I was will be charged with a negligent driving in the first degree in WA state and I want to apply for school in San Diego. I understand that you need to talk to the BRN but I did and got no where. The schools says that I need to talk to the BRN and the BRN says I need to talk to the schools. I talked to the schools and they stated that if I go through the program and the clinicals would depend on the hospital that allows the students or not to preform their work there. I am confused. It will be charged on the 25th of April which is this month. That is what my lawyer said would be.

    I understand no one can answer this question, it's 50/50 etc. I just want to know if anyone has had a similar situation and actually got in and graduated from an RN program and got a job.
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