NCLEX in CO to get a TX license

  1. Hello all,
    So I graduated with my BSN in TX almost 4 years ago. Very long story short, the BON required me to be monitored for drugs and alcohol at least weekly and have some limitations on my license. At that time I had an 8 yr old DWI conviction and 12 yr old possession of adderall charge which was dismissed. They initially ordered TPAPN but I hired an attorney. I never sat for boards due to this ridiculous order.
    Here is my question. Can I take the NCLEX in one of the 6 states that don't do background checks and then apply to practice in TX? Or will Texas simply hand down the same restrictions? I'm sure they'll just look at my file when I make the attempt but I thought I'd ask if anyone had some experience in these matters. Thanks
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