Misdemeanor charges

  1. I will be graduating from nursing school soon and I am worried about getting approval from the Florida nurse board to sit for the nclex. 10 years ago when I was 18 while attending college in Arizona I was cited with a misdemeanor shoplifting charge (a pair of jeans). While they were searching me police found a marijuana pipe as well and I was cited with paraphilia.

    I now now live in Florida. I have worked in various other states and when to school multiple times and these charges have never come up on background searches done. I plan on disclosing them to the board but I am so nervous they will deny me because of it. Wondering if anyone has experience this before? Also, what time frame for approval?

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  3. by   CalicoKitty
    I'd seek a lawyer. If you were convicted of charges, perhaps you can get them expunged or something. It may cost money, but may be worthwhile. Generally, people on this site can't give actual legal advice (other than seek a professional!)
  4. by   Lisacar130
    Make sure you don't lie or try to cover this up on your application (not that you were going to). I am not sure but I think even expunged charges have to be reported. It should say on your application. This might very by state so not sure about Florida.
    They might make you get an eval for addiction issues since you were caught with the pipe. Not sure but they might make you enter a monitoring program. I would definitely get a lawyer specializing in RN licenses.
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  6. by   NurseThexy
    i'm curious as to what the outcome was for you in this circumstance?
  7. by   xxleilani
    You will be JUST fine, I promise. Just be straight up and honest, contact me if you have any questions!!!!