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  1. I recently passed Nclex and was wondering what was the hold up with my license number. After giving me the run around they finally told me something came back on my backround. Needless to say I was shocked since I was a kid at the time 16, and it was thrown out. Long story short I went to the courts asked for a disposition and carried it to them last Friday. My question is how long should it take to resolve this issue? One review specialist said she didn't know. Another one said one to two weeks and another said for sure by the end of April. Please have anyone gone through this or have any knowledge about how this work?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   twinsmom788
    Regarding some matters, it takes until the full board can meet. That may be the case in your situation.
  4. by   tyb104
    Thank you...I was really shocked since they allowed me to already take Nclex. This was over 24 years ago and it was thrown out of court. I'll find out like you said on the 27 or 28th of this month. That's when the board of Md have their board meeting.