LVN student with one dui, has anyone had a dui and still got hired?

  1. I know being a new lvn grad with no experience is hard enough to find a job, but with no experience and a misdeamnor dui from Feb. 2010, can make it hard. Has anyone been lucky enough to land a job with no experience and a one time dui? And also for RN's, were you able to land a nursing job with no experience and a just one time dui? I know we are to disclose everything on job applications in regards to criminal history. I have a misdeamnor dui and i'm ashamed I let myself be put in that position. I no longer drink as a result. I educate other's about drinking and driving. I just want to be a nurse and I just hope that one infraction with the law doesn't prohibit me from doing what I love which is nursing. I have never been in trouble with the law before this, besides minor traffic tickets. Any comments or opinions is welcomed. Thank you.
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    moved to nursing license with a criminal history forum to elcit further response. Take a look at some of the threads/posts in this forum and you may find others in a similar predicament.