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    I am a RN who is about to sign a HPMP contract - my lawyer contacted them today stating I will enroll in lieu of IFC. After 7 months of moving on with my life, finding a new job and settling back into life it is time for it all to fall apart. There seems to be extremely limited information regarding the specifics of VA HPMP so I am hoping someone can help me better understand what I am in for the next 5 years...

    1. How long after signing do you have to quit your current job (I am an ER nurse). I know board orders take 33 days, I want to be able to give 2 weeks. My manager is aware of everything going on and supportive.

    2. Confidential or not? I read everyone gets a board order but it is hidden after 5 years is up. Are you also placed on the exclusion list?

    3. What steps do you have to take after signing to get into the program... eval ect. I already had a substance abuse eval that did not find any evidence of a problem and 7 months of self sought drug test, but due to error on my part (coming to work tired, +drug test for opiates and some "med errors") coupled with th some unflattering and untrue statements it became apparent that in order to move on with my career a confidential program was the only way instead of fighting the board

    4. What is entailed in the program - 3NA meetings/week, 36 drug test a year are all I know. How often do you have to meet with a

    5. How long into the program before you can work in the ER / critical care again, if at all? My nurse manager said they hired someone in HPMP but I didn't know if it was a lie.

    6. Can I travel outside the state / country - I work with a nonprofit that does mission trips. Will I not be allowed to do these in the program as these countries do not have the ability to get tested in for the 1-2 weeks I'm there.

    7. I have taken Adderal for my ADHD for 8 years - will I not be able to take my medicine?

    These are are the basics. It's overwhelming and seems like an impossible road. I am happy and content in my life right now and I feel like everything is about to fall apart...
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