How to give myself a background check?

  1. I was wondering how to give myself a background check before clinicals start. I am in lpn school and they haven't even done the background checks yet. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   newnurse Fresno
    I am not sure what type of background your school will use. I did a live scan on myself, that is most likely what your BON will use. My live scan showed everything!! The background for my school, on the other hand, came up clean, because the charges were so old.
  4. by   newnurse Fresno
    If you want a really accurate check google live scan locations and go get your Fingerprints taken and tell them that you want the records for your own personal use. I want to say it cost me about $40, and I'm in California.
  5. by   megster871
    Castlebranch is the site my school is going to use. I used it myself to see what came up. It cost about $60 I think. And it takes a little bit to get back the e results. But I think it was worth it