How long will it take to get a response from the BON for a deficiency checklist?

  1. I have a misdemeanor on my record from 3 years ago that the BON is now requesting court documents and a letter of explanation of my circumstances. This is all new territory for me and I am terrified that I have worked so hard to getting through nursing school and pass my boards on the first time. Only to have this one mistake not let me be the nurse I worked so hard to become. Any advice you can give me would be helpful and much appreciated. One other question, do you know how long it will take when I send the court documentation along with my letter to the BON to hear a response back on whether or not they will allow me to have my license? I was told by my lawyer that I should check no on the conviction of a misdemeanor because I pled no contest. So he said that I should check no on being convicted of a misdemeanor. My lawyer said that I could get this expunged in 3-5 years and that It would no longer be an issue for me.
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