Do Boards of Nursing Operate With Impunity?

  1. Do Boards of Nursing Operate With Impunity?
    I have come to recognize the tragic answer if yes. Boards of Nursing are not held accountable in their adujacation of nurses licenses. The disciplinary process is fraught with incompetence. Investigators are often not even nurses. They frequently have no experience with evaluating medical records from a real life perspective. They often evaluate Pyxis records yet have not the slightest idea how a Pyxis functions or what those records reflect. The only time your case may be evaluated by those who know how nurses or hospitals function is if you are granted an informal hearing. In my case once I could present the accurate interpretation of the records both nurses and attorneys at my hearing agreed as to my obvious innocence. But the informed decision to recommend the charges be dismissed was disrespected by the Director of Enforcement. The decision was ratified based on a misinterpretation of the records and I had no voice. What then is my only hope?
    There is an opportunity to go before an Administrative Law Judge. But the Board can also completely disregard the Judge's decesion. Where else in our judicial system such allowed, the actual dismissal of a Judge's ruling? The nurse is then denied even civil remedy for having theirs and their families lives destroyed. So in the end, yes the BON operates with impunity.
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