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Nursing Jobs Near Bend or Lincoln, Oregon

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Hello, everyone-I Live in NY, but my fiance and I want to move to Oregon-most likely-in the near future. I want to know what the market is like for nurses out there. Here in NY-you can find work anywhere except hospitals-it's hard to come by, and much easier if you want to do overnight. I wanted to know if anyone that lives in or near these spots feels the same, and since I don't know what cities are close by or what commutes are like-any feedback on that and jobs in nearby cities will be welcome. However, I will be honest-if there are other types of jobs around in nursing-I'm ok with that-dr's offices, school nurse, home care, nursing home, etc. I used to be an LPN and before that a medical assistant-so I've worked at doctor's offices. I know a lot of pple say you need that 1 yr of experience in a hospital to work here or there-but here in NY-RN's say that it's difficult to find jobs. However-I find that there's tons of nursing jobs and I've had offers-maybe not in the hospital-but there are other jobs. so I feel that here nurses say they can't find a job-but it's that they can't find one in a hospital. I want to know how these locations in Oregon are similar or different. thanku!!

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