Where do you work PRN/Per Diem?

  1. I'm hoping for some advice about what type of work is best for a per diem/PRN job?

    I work full time at the bedside, so I would prefer something a little less physically demanding. I have heard about some colleagues working for insurance companies, but are there any other worthwhile options? I could continue working extra shifts at my job, but it's getting a bit exhausting. Thanks for any/all insight you might have!
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  3. by   RainMom
    What I did was transfer to a different dept & pick up prn shifts on the floor. I try to fill holes in staffing that occur before or after my scheduled 8 hr shifts (essentially working a 12 hr day).
  4. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    I work clinic during the week and do an every 3rd weekend charge RN position at a LTC near my home. I also pick up there whenever I want---that's my "fun" money =)
  5. by   L♡vER
    Outpatient infusion

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