VA Job in Columbia, SC

  1. Hello everyone I'm new on here and I am currently a student nurse in the ADN program at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC. I am an AF vet and I very much would like to be hired at the VA here in town. We did our clinical rotation at the VA and I absolutely loved it! I've always wanted to work for the federal government and I believe it would be a great opportunity for me! I've been looking on for RN jobs at the VA and there's 2 jobs right now! Everyone at the VA keeps talking about how they need nurses and you should try to get hired at the VA, but I just don't see any jobs! Is it just because I'm searching from an external point of view? Like I said I would love to get in at the VA it would be my dream job, but if there's nothing available.....Any further information from anyone with experience applying for the VA in Columbia would be great!
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