Urine drug test too dilute??!!

  1. I have been stressed out all week when I have done nothing wrong. I had a pre-employment urine drug screen on Monday. I have taken plenty of urine drug screens with nursing school and jobs, etc. No problems- ever. I do not do drugs. I take a prescribed anti-anxiety medication but that is it and that is prn-- haven't taken it in over a week or so.

    Well I went to the lab around 4pm in the afternoon on Monday. I do drink a lot of bottled water. I must have had too much water that day without realizing it. I also don't recall eating that much on that day. Any way, my specimen came out clear! The lab specimen collector told me that this would probably be rejected on the basis of being "too dilute". This has never happened to me before. But I have to admit, I,too, have never seen my urine so clear!

    I still haven't heard from anybody on results or retesting. I have been googling "dilute urine" specimens because this has never happened to me. It seems like people think you tried to fool the test if you drink too much water. I wish I had thought about this and I would have laid off the water!! The next day I called the lab to find out if I needed to retest or was my specimen rejected. They said results were sent to employer but couldn't tell me anything else. I want to check with employer to make sure all is okay because I am supposed to go out of town to training this weekend for this new job... I need to know now if I need to go retest asap. I'm just scared to call employer because I don't want to sound suspicious for something I have not done!

    I'm driving myself crazy over this. Will clear urine show a creatinine level? Or if I drank too much water will it result in a failed test? Help, what do I do??!!
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  3. by   proudnurseRN
    I can't tell you what to do, but when I went to my drug screen my urine also came up too diluted. I didn't go overboard, but I did drink more than usual to make sure I would have to pee when the time came.

    So, I had to sit there an hour without anything to drink and try again. Still too diluted. So, I had to wait another hour (without anything to drink) and try again. By this time I'm pee'd out. I'd emptied my bladder the first time thinking it would be all over. By test 3 I was squeezing drops. I was so worried, but eventually they got a good test and everything was fine.

    It was a lesson learned...
  4. by   RNAM1965
    You should just be able to repeat the test. Our hospital has on its instructions for pre-employment physicals to drink plenty of fluids beforehand to be able to produce a urine sample. ..
  5. by   merlee
    If they needed or wanted another specimen they would have already contacted you.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I have another embarrassing problem. I have urinary urgency ( gee, I wonder why) so whenever I'm near a bathroom and I have to pee I have to rush to sit down in time. Unfortunately I have had to redo a couple of tests because I could never get the cup under me in time. Super embarrassing and suspect.

    Anyway, you should be fine.
  7. by   BOOYARN
    it happended to me aswell i retested and all was good
  8. by   Aly529
    Ummm...sorry and please don't take offense but I have taken MANY drug tests and ALL will have you sit down there and pee again. If you leave they contact the employer. They will accept a second specimen only if you remain there.

    It just seems odd that they didn't offer that option.
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  9. by   Nurse_Diane
    I just had a pre-employment drug screen, and my urine was very clear as well.

    I drank a ton of H2O not knowing I'd have a drug screen that day. It didn't "pass" the quick test, they had to send it to the lab for further testing.

    I'm pretty sure they have to send it in due to the dilute specimen. Probably has to go thru a more thorough test. You shouldn't have any worries if you have an RX for your meds. If you don't have an RX, that's a totally different issue altogether.

    All the best,
  10. by   ijuanabhappy
    Quote from Aly529
    Ummm...sorry and please don't take offense but I have taken MANY drug tests and ALL will have you sit down there and pee again. If you leave they contact the employer. They will accept a second specimen only if you remain there.

    It just seems odd. I drink plenty of water too but...really?
    No offense taken because I have nothing to hide.
    I arrived at the lab a little before 4pm. They close at 5pm. I did not know before I arrived, but they stop accepting specimens for drug testing at 4pm. They told me I would probable get a call to come back in, which I haven't. They didn't give me the option of staying since it was already 4pm (I'm assuming). Believe you me, I would have been thrilled to stay and retest, then I wouldn't be going through all of this.
  11. by   iceprincess492
    It may also depend on the policy of the employer. The company I work for has in it's drug policy that a diluted urine sample is considered a positive drug test.
  12. by   nurse.sandi
    Many people have given you answers and used their hospital's drug screen policy. I have taken many urine drug screens and never been given any instructions nor ever seen a policy on this. Where is everyone finding this information out? Just curious as to the references... and sorry for the stress they are putting you thru. Hope all is well.
  13. by   KellyRPNinOntario
    I dont understand why you're so worried...if you have nothing to hide then it will all work out.
  14. by   tyvin
    If they've sent results to the employer that means the urine was fine and they took the results from the urine you gave. Other wise they would have called you first to retest; they don't involve the potential employers with the small details. They just give them results not potential maybes; you did say they sent something to the employer which means it's the results.

    The adding water the the specimen never works anymore since they put the thermometer strip on the specimen cup. Adding water cools the urine and they reject it on the spot and have you test again...so don't worry about the water thing.