Should I tell them??

  1. Ive been looking for jobs in differnt states due to GA not accepting my Nursing endorsment due to education hours. So I applied in several states where I know (well think) I have a good chance, but here's the problem. I applied for a LPN job in SC and got a call back for an interview, but I haven't applied for my SC license yet...Should I tell the interviewer this???? I was honest about being a new nurse..What should I do p.s. I currently live in GA but looking to relocate
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  3. by   jadelpn
    Seeing as you can't really start working until you have your license, as I understand it, then I would think you would have to tell them. Are you licensed in any state?
    I would apply for a SC license ASAP. If they deny the license due to your schooling, then you know that SC is not a state where you can work right now.
    Was your LPN school not accredited?
    I would research the websites of all of the BON in the states where you may like to work. See what the qualifications are to get a license there. If all of them require more than you have, perhaps you may have to take further schooling.
    Good luck
  4. by   GoosbyLPN
    I'm currently licensed in Alabama and NY...I was asking should I tell them before the interview
  5. by   delawaremalenurse
    Quote from GoosbyLPN
    I'm currently licensed in Alabama and NY...I was asking should I tell them before the interview
    If you didn't disclose on your application that you don't have a SC license then I would let them know...that may or may not be a "deal-breaker" for hiring but the company can't make and informed hiring decision if you held back information relevant to filling a position in a timely manner.
  6. by   CYoungLPN
    I think u should tell them I surprised they didn't ask u before they went as far as setting up an interview with u are they aware that u don't live in SC?

    I recently got a job at a LTC facility but I got it before my Florida license was approved the DON said I wouldn't be able to start and we couldn't do the background check and whatnot until that happened (thank God it ended up being approved a few days later) but maybe if u tell them they will wait until ur endorsement has been approved did u start ur endorsement to SC yet? I suggest u put "endorsement for SC pending" on apps
  7. by   GoosbyLPN

    I'm going to call Monday before I make that drive