Medical City Children's Dallas/HCA opinion

  1. Hi all, anyone have any opinions on Medical City Dallas/HCA? I have 1 1/2 years pediatric surgical-trauma/gen peds exp at a children's hospital and a few months peds exp in pediatric home health. Got a PRN job offer at Med City Children's on their gen peds floor for a few days a month, figured I would try it out but don't know much about HCA and have not heard much either. I have only used EPIC charting and I know that they use Meditech.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Julius Seizure
    Its a decent hospital. I know HCA has a bad reputation sometimes, but Medical City is one of their better places. The nurses there seem to be happy with their jobs. Meditech is a pain, but they at least have the updated version (for whatever thats worth). You do have to pay for parking though, I think.
  4. by   Maemir
    Hi. There is Pediatric Home health RN post available if you are interested.