Is it unusual to only want to work for a particular dream hospital and hold out for it?

  1. Hey everybody!

    This is probably strange, I know. I have always wanted to work for this particular hospital since before becoming a nurse. Ive had family go there for medical issues and always admired everything about it and the care they provide. I did pretty much all of my clinical rotations there in my RN program, and I am passionate about their mission/values.

    I have been working at a peds clinic since graduation 2 years ago (though I did do subacute rehab for a year after graduating while working at the clinic). Its a great job, very fast-paced busy clinic, I've learned soo much about the field of pediatrics from the amazing physicians that I work with and the fellow RNs. I really like it, and have decided at this time that I will only leave if I get an offer from this particular dream hospital.

    So, any advice on how to be persistent and land an interview there? Is this unusual to want to work for just a particular hospital only? Any ideas on how to get in touch with recruiters, managers on the floor, etc. Does e-mailing your resume/cover letter to a nurse manager get you noticed? Thanks everyone!
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