ER RN looking for Dialysis Training that pays!

  1. Does anyone know where a 20 yrs plus experience RN can go for dialysis training in Florida? DaVita says they do in their ads but there is no one to talk to at DaVita. I even wrote "The Educator" for DaVita and never heard back! I really would like to become a Dialysis Nurse. Tired of the web sites not helping;-(
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  3. by   Erikadawn RN
    Can you receive pm?
  4. by   kp5491
    Can you help me with this concern?
  5. by   mvgg76
    Any luck finding a program??? I am also looking to get into dialysis and am having no luck.
  6. by   kp5491
    Nope! It seems experienced nurses who want to change venues into an area like dialysis have to "know someone" just to have a door open.
  7. by   kp5491
    Dialysis is an awesome field. I wish you the best.
  8. by   mvgg76
    It seems like that is then only way to get in... Getting discourage but I will not give up!!! Good luck to you too!