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  1. Hi everyone So, I graduated with my BSN in Dec 2014. I also had my second child that same month and have chosen to stay home with her until now. I've been applying for jobs, for about 3 weeks now with no hits. I've mostly applied to L&D, peds, and NICU. I realize that these jobs are highly sought after and with my lack of experience, it will be harder for me to get into one of these specialties. I would love any and all advice that will help me to have the best chance possible. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   purplegal
    Wish I could help. I'm also having problems getting jobs. Like you, I've had my BSN for a long time and I've had relatively little nursing experience. I've been told that the gap in my resume is a factor so it may be an issue for you too. Unfortunately we're both probably not going to get jobs we really want at the moment but I wish you good luck.