Any Calls from Colorado Children's Hospital New Grad Program Starting in August 2018

  1. Has anyone applied through Children's Hospital Colorado New grad Program for COLORADO SPRINGS location this March 2018 application window to start the program in August 2018?

    Curious if anyone has received calls yet for the next steps.
    Lets use this as a way to keep eachother posted on any updates as the process goes on - curious to know when calls will start (online says mid April through May)

    Good luck!
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  3. by   madlinds7
    I applied to this location but haven't hear anything yet! I applied to Oncology/BMT. What unit did you apply for and have you heard anything?
  4. by   ehignite
    For Colorado Springs I applied for NICU, General Med Surg Peds, and PICU... still have not heard
  5. by   mccullkt
    I got a call for the PICU and MedSurg Peds!