NYU Langone New Grad Residency

  1. Hi everyone,

    Has anyone else recently applied to the NYU langone new graduate residency?
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  3. by   emily34812
    I applied but I am not an NYU student so not getting any hopes up haha
  4. by   aaj004
    I have a friend that was hired as an external candidate so I wouldnt completely give up hope! What does your application status say?
  5. by   UKRNBSN
    I didn't apply until the 28th but mine still says "Profile/Resume Received & Under Review". Any updates with anyone else?
  6. by   aaj004
    Mine has said "under review" since the day after I applied which was on April 10th. I applied to their ER fellowship though and interviewed last week, so hopefully Ill hear back from that soon
  7. by   nurse1763c
    does anyone have updates on this? my application still says resume received/under review