Memorial Hermann New Grad Residency Spring 2018

  1. 0Hi guys! I thought I would start this thread for all of us new graduate student who are applying to any of the Memorial Hermann hospitals for the Spring 2018 GN Residency programs!

    Let's keep each other updated on emails/match days/how interviews went, etc!!

    What we're yalls first and second choices? And what locations?

    My #1 choice: Children's Mother/Baby

    Good luck to everybody! I'm excited to hear all of yalls stories.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Good evening! I have moved your post to the first job forum vs. the post-grad forum (for MSN/DNP) to encourage responses.
  4. by   bxjagal
    My first choice is children mother/baby...preferably babies.

    Does anybody know when they have another new grad opening? I would prefer to start in July 2018 the latest.