Job seeking out of state from nursing school attended

  1. I will be job seeking this time next year for entry RN positions, and I will most likely be job searching in a different state than the large state school I am currently at to be closer to aging parents. Two questions:

    1. I've heard having a student nurse/tech job while in school is crucial to finding a job after graduation from various sources. I currently have two part time jobs while in school that keep me plenty busy at 30-40 hours/week (and help with tuition), but they are not clinical. Is the tech experience/position a make or break deal for that first job?

    2. Does anyone have experience setting up informational interviews? How and who do you set them up with generally (nurse manager, HR, etc.)?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   karmax1
    The State of Alabama has a lot of R.N. jobs.