BSWH Grad Residency Jan 2018

  1. Hey has anyone else applied for the BSWH Winter Residency for 2018?

    Has anyone heard back yet? I did my digital interview on monday, waiting to hear back.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Good evening and welcome to allnurses! I have moved your post to the first job forum rather than the post-grad forum (MSN, etc.). Best of luck!
  4. by   Shelby_M_P
    What location did you interview for?
  5. by   TexasGirl17
    I had my digital interview today, and I got a call about 30 minutes later asking me some questions. They told me I will hear back either for an in-person interview or rejection. I applied for Dallas, Irving, and Waco

    What did y'all preference for your units?
  6. by   janedoe632
    I applied for Dallas, Plano, and Grapevine. Plano ED is not taking new grads. The recuriter said he would pass my application on and they are working on interviews for October.
  7. by   janedoe632
    I want ED, Dallas is a super competitive program so I'm hoping for an interview soon!

  8. by   TexasGirl17
    I wanted women's services and NICU. I cannot believe how competitive it all is!
  9. by   janedoe632
    did they tell you when to expect to hear? Oct?
  10. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    I did the digital interview about a week and a half ago and then heard from the recruiter last Friday. He asked me a bunch of questions and said he'd call back if any of the hospitals I applied to decided to move forward. Applied to BUMC, Plano, and Carrollton. Still waiting to hear back. He asked if I am interviewing for other hospitals, and I am wondering what the purpose of this question is? I was just honest and told him that I have some interviews set up.
  11. by   Baylorlove07
    I got a callback too. I'm supposed to meet with a manager next week.
  12. by   janedoe632
    yeah i wondered about that question as well...not sure what to think
  13. by   HayleyPaul06
    I applied and did an online interview 10/21. It was horrific my anxiety was through the roof, and by the end of the first night I was in a million pieces. I logged back on the next day after I regrouped and my 1/6 questions was submitted I have absolutely NO idea what was sent ... I went ahead and completed the other 5 questions but I'm absolutely heart broken that I probably messed up any chance I had. How soon after you applied and did the online did yall hear? I applied for Waco.