Preparedness after nursing program

  1. It's a shame that diploma programs have gone by the wayside. I'm a grad of one of these. From 6 weeks into school I was caring for patients. My last year was spent learning how to be a charge nurse. All hands on from day 1. I was a head nurse 2 weeks after grad and was prepared for it. Do patients want a nurse that knows how to be one or one with lots of english courses, etc? They want one with lots of hands on experience. I do now have a BSN. Grad Magna Cum Laude and learned virtually nothing in the program.
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  3. by   Norbert Holz
    I am an AS(rn) and was totally prepared! Too bad the rn in my degree is preceded by only an AS that means I am not an RN but an allied health care worker. (See employment requirements)