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  1. I am fixing to beign my senior year in a BSN program. I know this is not where i want my education to end but am unsure of where to turn and waht is available. I am interested in anesthesia.
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  3. by   peck13
    check with local nursing organizations for info. i found out about the options from nursing 2000 in my area. they had a wonderful informational session which discussed Advanced Practice Nursing.
  4. by   pdxrn
    if you are interested in anesthesiology, then get on the net and do a search of CRNA schools and find out the requirements for entering the program. There's no time like to the present ot go on and get the schooling. If you need nursing experience to get into the CRNA program then go get that job and get the experience and apply as soon as you are eligible. Yes, there is a nursing shortage but if you want advanced practice eventually, go get the credentials now. CRNA's make much better money than plain old RN's do too. but of course there is more liability and more call time.