LPN changing role

  1. Are LPNs in your state allowed to titrate
    IV drips such as: Heparin, Tridil, Nipride,
    Dopamine, ect.?
    Louisiana State Board has just made a ruling
    that LPNs are not allowed to care for, or
    monitor pts that are on these type of drips.
    Comments welcome.

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  3. by   res04lly
    We are not allowed to in Michigan.
  4. by   canoehead
    Oh my goodness, why would they want to do that? They are not paid enough- and neither are RN's in my opinion- to take on the responsibility and stress of titrating minute to minute life sustaining drips. Don't fight for it, if LPN's do this then they will be taking on huge responsibility without the corresponding financial compensation (I think doubling your pay would do it).

    What a runaround the hospitals have that they even got someone to seriously consider this. LPN's and RN's have to put their collective feet down and stop taking on more duties and more risk without compensation and extra staff at the bedside.