IV therapy documentation

  1. What format do you use to document bags of IV solutions and minibags of medications? Is there a separate form or is this part of the medication record?

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  3. by   MercyAngels
    Our IV fluids and meds are included on our MAR. For laboring pts., we also document them in our Watchchild computer system.
  4. by   hmt
    We use preprinted Mar's that have all main IV bags and IVPB's on them.
  5. by   shee1a
    We use a computer system. Everyone of our meds including IV fluids have a bar code (like at the supermarket) and we scan them. Its a cool system. We scan, the computer tells us if we have the 5 Rights, u know right drug, right patient, right time etc.
    It also does the I/O at the same time.Scan a IVPB that is 100 cc it also documents it on the I/O piece of the computer.

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