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  1. Unbelievable, I just wrote a fairly long message to post and it got erased. I'm not typing it again..

    Does anyone have any feelings about this "Intervention Project for Nurses Program", or comments about it or any stories they could share about any nurses they have heard about turning themselves into this IPN Program and thier outcome ?
    Just so I'm not sitting here typing again for nothing...
    I know 4 nurses that have turned themselves into the IPN Program.
    1 nurse, is now in jail (got caught stealing narcs from a LTC Facility)
    1 nurse,"Killed" himself34yearsold(after failing a drug screen whilein IPN Pro.)
    1 nurse, "Attempted Suicide" (crashed his car into a tree head on because he ended up jobless and homeless and bank was trying to repo his car)
    and.. the last nurse, is me... what should I expect..:uhoh21: any comments.
    Thanks for the feed-back
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  3. by   Lacie

    Here are 2 sites that may be able to help you with your question as most have or are in ipn programs or have had BON action on thier licensure. Both are great sites and lots of good advice/support.