1. Pls help, i need to have a lecture of the basics regarding delegation of tasks in hospital. RN to UAP and LVN/LPN tnx
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  3. by   BmtTXLVN
    Delegation varies from state to state and from facilty to facility so its real hard to give exacts rules.
  4. by   wilbur's mom
    I am a nursing instructor. Start with data collection, get your states nurse practice act, contact the Office of the Professions and they will link you to practice, especially scope of practice, guidelines. There are some important legal concerns, and your state ed. dept is a good resource. You can't begin to think about delegating without knowing what is appropriate for RN, LPN, PCA, or CNA practice to start with. Good luck. p.s. get copies of all pertinent job descriptions from human resources, too. p.p.s. it might be helpful to construct a flow chart, similar to the algorrhythms (help, spelling ?) we use in emergency care protocols.
  5. by   apple84
    The ANA website and NCBSN website have tons of information about delegation ... just search for delegation on their website.