Cost-wise does this make sense?

  1. I work in a LTC facility who is constantly in the red. They have suspended raises and have discontinued personal time due to the lack of funding. We have always had LPNs as unit coordinators and evening/night supervisors. The only RNs in the facility were the DON, ADON, the infection control nurse and the Medicare coordinator who must do assessments on the Medicare residents. Now with our new DON who thinks the only "true" nurses are RNs has decided to replace all of the unit coordinators and supervisors with RNs. We do not offer IV therapy so there are no IVs to start, the LPN supervisors that are being replaced have over 20 years of experience and can easily handle any situation that arises. The LPN unit coordinators do a excellent job of staying on top of things in their unit, there are no problems. If there is such a shortage of funds, why are they wasting money to pay a RN to do a LPN job? Is this happening anywhere else?
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