Aletter I sent to all Congress and Senate Nurse Understaffing

  1. I am writing to let you know about the Understaffing issues in Florida's nursing homes.Everyday a person/resident does not get fed or bathed ,falls and sustains a mortal or dibilitating injury,suffers dehydration,aquires a infectious disease ,sustains a decubitus ulcer...all for the sake of profit by our States Nursing Homes.This is an outrage.We have set up minimum staffing guidelines in the State of Florida that are literally killing our elderly patients.This daily neglect and abuse can be stopped.We need to require the minimum staffing guidelines to be RAISED.The state of Arkansas in 1999 passed a bill to this effect.Can the State of Florida do the same?Please help our elderly live with dignity.It does not matter what type of insurance you have,Medicare private pay an Hmo..You will all recieve the same care if there are not enough caregivers..I urge you to consider proposing this legislation It can be viewed at It is Act 1529(previously SB426) Thank you for you time.My name is Michele Jansen I am a registered nurse practicing in Long Term Care in th State of Florida.
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