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  1. Ok y'all so I've been an intern in the OR for a bit and I'm about to graduate. The OR director and manager told me to send in my app and they would send a message to the recruiter to hold the spot.... they had me do a "interview" which seemed like more of a formality. At the end they were smiling and saying they were so happy and excited for me and at the bottom of the folder it was checked off "continue with hiring process".

    I want to know how long it will take for a formal offer, since it is contingent on me passing my exam. Should I continue to apply to jobs?? It's been 3 business days since my interview with them and the chief nursing officer. Should I ask them at the unit meeting this week? Should I call the recruiter?
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  3. by   lux libertas
    Congratulations!! I just got hired into an OR too, I believe it was a little under two weeks from my interview when I got my formal offer contingent on licensure.

    My thought is that the HR recruiter probably has the most information about the hiring timeline so I'd direct my questions to them. It doesn't hurt to ask.