First Interview today5/2

  1. I had my first interview and all went went. i was asked very basic questions..weakness, stregthens etc...i got the job and i job shadow this coming excited. for those going for yourself, pay attention to what is asked of you and answer as honest as you can be..... i also read the thread on here about interviews and it helped alot. do your research... all the best to everyone
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  3. by   NewGoalRN
    Congrats and all the best to you! How long did it take you to get your first interview? How many applications did you put in? do you have prior nursing experience or CNA/Nurse Tech?

    Just asking because I've just started the job search process!

    You are extremely fortunate but I know you do lots of research and are very prepared so not suprised. Good for you. I have a thread over in the career/advice section.
  4. by   love2244
    Congratulations I'm sure you landed that job!!! Feels good to hear new RNs doing what they love to do, your truly blessed!!