Does the long wait mean anything?

  1. Hi,

    I interviewed for a job I would really love and am getting down because it has been a while and I haven't heard anything.

    I interviewed on January 14th and shadowed on January 19th. The job is still posted so I am still hopeful that maybe they are doing a background check, and maybe that is why it is taking so long. All of my references have already done their email survey. I did send all the interviewers a thank you card and also sent one to the nurse I shadowed.

    I also am not sure if the shadowing part hurt me. i really loved my time there and it flew by! A trauma stat came in (it is a level 1 trauma center) and it was kinda awkward for me because I didn't want to just stand in the background and have them think I was to timid to work there, but at the same time I wanted to help, but I didn't want them to think I was just in the way. I did just jump right in and help and kind of just followed the nurse's lead whom I was shadowing. What do you guys think? Was it a bad idea, should I have just stood in the background with my hands in my pockets?

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  3. by   kbrn2002
    Sorry for the late response but I just ran across this thread. Since it has been so long since your initial post, have you heard anything yet? Hopefully you have and the news was good, but I am afraid your participation in the trauma may indeed have hurt your chances. Doing any kind of patient care if you are not on the clock much less not yet an employee opens up the hospital to all sorts of liabilities. What if you were injured? What if the trauma resulted in an adverse affect? If for some reason a lawsuit ensued over this event the lawyers would have a field day with the participation of a non-employee no matter how qualified you are. So yes, unfortunately you probably would have been better off just getting out of the way and standing in the background.
  4. by   tinybbynurse
    You prob should've just stood back since you were shadowing. But I don't think that's why you haven't heard back ....I don't really think it has anything to do with it in my opinion ....not unless you got a bad rap from your shadowing nurde or other staff afterward.
  5. by   Curious1alwys
    I am surprised they even let you shadow for this very reason! No one ever lets me shadow. I don't ever know how crappy the job is going to be until I start! Lol
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I didn't get the job, BUT I am shadowing in their CICU next week and if all goes well I will have and interview! Super nervous. I guess I will hold back and not try and play nurse, I will just observe. Thanks for all the advise.

  7. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Well this worked out better than i thought!!! I guess everything does happen for a reason!
  8. by   kbrn2002
    Quote from AnnieOaklyRN
    Well this worked out better than i thought!!! I guess everything does happen for a reason!
    Does that mean you got the job? If so, congrats!
  9. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Not quite, BUT I did get an interview for the CICU, I guess they liked me enough during the shadow! I really LOVED the unit and the people so I am really hoping I do get the job... I am glad I did not get hired into the ED as I don't think I would have been happy. I already did the ER and hated it after a while!

    The CICU let me do hands on assessments etc and didn't seem to be bothered that I wasn't afraid to help out! I know part of it was them assessing my skill level too, but they weren't put off by it like the ER maybe was.