Against company policy???

  1. I've worked at a small, private hospital as a per diem, float CNA for 2 years and I needed a reference for a new RN job. Originally, I was told by my nursing supervisor that it was fine to list the CNO as a reference; she was even enthusiastic about it. The investigating company called me today saying that my job told them it was against company policy for them to give me a reference. I called HR and they confirmed this, saying that they could only confirm dates of employment and that's it.

    I'm just wondering why it would be against policy to give a reference... I've never heard of that before.

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    Only providing dates of employment is quite common. Employers grew tired of being sued by those who got a perceived poor reference.
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    Yes, it's pretty common from what I know. Many employers will not give references other than to verify dates of employment and that's because of the reason already specified here—namely, legal reasons (avoiding lawsuits).
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    Do you have individual coworkers who would vouch for you?
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    My workplace is the same, will only verify dates of employment, will not provide reference. Try asking your charge nurse or coworker for a reference.