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  1. I was curious for those involved in informatics education at their facilities, what types of software are you using, how are you presenting classes etc?

    Currently we use Lectora, Snagit, PromisePoint and Camtasia. I'm looking to branch out into other software programs.

    We currently offer one on one sessions for providers (although I'm trying to transition this into classes).

    We offer classes for other roles but we are slowly transitioning to having end users complete web-based modules and then come to a class that's more scenario based, so it's more interactive instead of a traditional lecture.
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  3. by   Informatics Queen
    Web based modules and scenarios seem like a great approach to training new users. We use traditional lectures and scenario training in our Non Production domains for all new users. We provide classes and one-on-one training.

    We've briefly discussed incorporating web based modules in our department, however haven't initiated this. Our lectures are in 4 hour increments, covering all material in 3 days. This is quite time consuming. We look forward to introducing web-based modules as an alternative to lecture.